Trumbull Rhodes Men’s Accessory Collection


A Smith is proud to offer Trumbull Rhodes men’s accessory collection featuring unique silk neckties, silk and wool pocket squares and silk and wool scarves from the Kent Collection.

Historically Trumbull Rhodes imports their patterns from England at Liberty designs.
What we like about Trumbull Rhodes is their heritage dating back centuries to crafting the finest cottons, silks, and wools. All Trumbull Rhodes ties, pocket silks and scarves are hand made in the USA, in Marblehead, MA.

Our Kent Collection represents a beautifully crafted collection of Paisley prints in both long ties, pocket silks and wool/silk scarves. The Kent Collection features our long ties in 4 distinctive Paisley colors including:

  • Navy Blue
  • Forest Green
  • Antique Gold
  • Royal Purple
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