I thought I was dreaming when I was requested to write about what fashion trends were on the horizon for 2022 in our Men’s world, and what I discovered was something extraordinary! Being an 80’s guy (and my wife will confirm that with enthusiasm), the 80’s are back in all its glory like it was back in the day, well sort of.

I’m thrilled to report that the current trends are going to provide color, color and more color, bolder stripes, and patterns and yes men will be wearing fuller cut everything. Maybe not as extreme as we saw with Don Johnson with his overblown shoulder pads, balloon pants and espadrilles; but fuller, nevertheless. The Super Slim, or skinny suit, or “Bond” look from Goldfinger is taking a backseat. Many of you that have sat on the sidelines waiting for this skinny guy time to be over can now rejoice!

Yes, like Gordon Gekko, in our current “Post COVID” world, the power suit with contrasting collars and cuffs (created by Alan Flusser) suspenders, and even the double-breasted suit will be joining the party again in our world! The new look will be a softened remake of the original which really means softer shoulders, and more fluidity in the design. The overall shape of the 80’s suit and shirts design tends toward blocky and in many ways, old fashioned. For 2022, we will see a rather more streamlined silhouette defined by Gorgio Armani called, “Fluid Style”.  You will see this new fluid style in the coats, trousers, and shirt styles. The good news for all of you non-skinny or svelte body types out there is, ‘fluid Style” will be not as form fitting, or “thin” as before, but not as full cut that you may have been subjected to in the past.

Translation: your jackets can have more room in the jacket waist/torso area, your trousers may have 1 pleat, with a fuller rise (for optional suspenders) instead of flat front trousers, and a leg opening approaching 18-20”.

Applause Please….

The suits patterns will continue with 3 major pattern categories: solid, plaid and yes pin stripes! The shirts will have bolder colors, thicker lines, or a solid color with the contrast collars and French cuffs we talked about previously. Ties and socks will be as bold offering more contrasting splashes of color. The patterns will remain more subtle than the previous Jerry Garcia, or Nicole Miller collections (C’mon, you know you still have one or two in your closet) but will provide more color options and choices.

There are the deep reds (Power baby power), rich blues, vibrant yellows, and purples, wine-dark reds, and of course the bright white of the shirt collars. It’s not subtle, but for those risk takers or corporate raiders, or just the gentleman who loved that fashion period, you can make it work with our help!

When you walk into our store at 233 North Main Street, you will find that our ready wear suits and sport coats speak to this new trend we will see in 2022. You always want to have the store you frequent to be on top of their game with current trends when they create and build your next new suit or shirt.  Hey, you’re investing in yourself, and you don’t want what you purchased this year to be a dated style by next year, do you?

Come in and see us -we can assist. More to talk about again soon.